Top 10 Questions You Should Ask before Choosing SMTP service provider

Servers for Bulk Mailing

Sending emails is one of the main problems of your overall marketing strategy and the stuff that makes more complex is choosing a decent SMTP service provider.

One cannot blindly choose a SMTP service provider as there are certain criterion that it must follow:-

  1. Allow you to send bulk emails.
  2. Offer high inbox delivery rates.
  3. Easily integrals.

The questions you should ask before choosing SMTP service provider are as follows:-

  1. What type of emails are you going to send and who will be sending them?
  2. With the number of emails you are sending, will it really make a difference in your wallet?
  3. Does your team or agency have the technical skills needed?
  4. What are your front-end and reporting requirements?
  5. Does SMTP Support team shootout your queries as complexity increases you will need?
  6. When choosing a server you should ask yourself whether you really need all these features or whether there might be a smaller server covering only the subset of features that you really need. Unneeded features may slow down server so you must specify?
  7. Most of the biggest SMTP service provider in India for bulk email implementations are open source and don’t cost you a penny no matter how big you are. Same as with Linux vs Windows, free in software does equal to free in money terms. The pricing of the SMTP service provider in India also you have to take in your mind while choosing?
  8. Configuration is not so easy without the help of true experts you soon end with a broken system. Microsoft software on the other costs a lot yet sometimes is definitely easier to set up and configure but most of linux servers are really complex and hard to configure. So configuration is needed with the help of expert team?
  9. Is a low-cost SMTP right for you? You have to take a decision while choosing sometimes it is better to take low cost SMTP as it will save money and also unused features which are not used for you. So, as per requirement you have to choose.
  10. Would you benefit more from a full-featured SMTP? It may matters more for you that you will require a full featured SMTP rather than a custom featured SMTP. So, it matters allot for you.

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