Why is Mail Server Monitoring Crucial to Your Business?

Most of the businesses today prefer to have a cloud-based server instead of an in-room one due to the efficiency of maintenance and performance optimization. The performance of your servers especially the mail server hugely impacts the daily workings of your business. The electronic mail or e-mail service is any business’ most important medium of communication with clients and customers and a server breakdown can very well deal a blow to your transactions and negotiations happening over an e-mail.  Even in the age of social media, emails have stood their ground as the most prevalent form of formal communication.

A majority of business communication happens over emails and this creates the need for any business’ mail service to be prompt and impeccable. Given that many businesses nowadays choose to have their mail servers hosted online too, the mail server monitoring is one important aspect of the overall company asset maintenance agenda.

Role of Mail Server Monitoring Service

A mail server monitoring service is meant at checking and enhancing the performance of email servers by increasing responsiveness, reducing traffic and congestion in the route, and ensuring that the mail delivery at both ends functions smoothly. This service should be used from time to time for any server, especially if the business database is huge and the email traffic momentous. Mails2inbox are the providers of mail server monitoring services to businesses that host their servers online.

The services provided by Mails2inbox include regular checking and tracking of server response time, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) monitoring, IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) monitoring, POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) monitoring, and ETR (Email Round Trip) services.

SMTP is the most widely used protocol for email delivery. Every time a mail is sent, the email client interacts with the SMTP server. The server then handshakes with the receiver side server and after getting a confirmation of availability sends your mail. If the handshake fails, an error happens and the mail is not sent. The mail server SMTP monitoring service includes constant monitoring of the server to ensure proper handshaking, mobile notifications and an error report generation in case of a failure.

Similarly, IMAP monitoring services check for the incoming messages and remote test the SSL/TLS certificates. It ensures a proper retrieval of incoming data from the sender server.

POP3 monitoring is similar to IMAP monitoring and retrieves the incoming mail data. It continuously monitors the outgoing mail server and checks for errors if any. ETR, on the other hand, is responsible to check the availability and status of both sender side and receiver side servers. It monitors the complete email delivery process in a round trip and hence the name.


Mail2inbox provides all these services to businesses at cost-effective rates. With the prospect of retaining your valuable clients at hand, there is no reason why you should not give these mail server monitoring services a shot.

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